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Bette is a German bathroom goods brand, established in 1952. The view of the Bette team was directed towards the future since day one, creating architectural bathroom products that are not only good-looking but also a pleasure to use as well.

The main pillars of the strong Bette brand lie in their deeply rooted family traditions of East Westphalian home and their refined material – glazed titanium steel. Bette used this timeless material for cutting-edge design washbasins, showers, and bathtubs.

Natural and brilliant

Bette chooses to work with titanium steel for the benefits of the material: lightness, durability, and hygiene.

The special patented company’s BetteGlaze® ensures the hardness of the surface (more firm than marble, plastic, or steel surfaces). The BetteGlaze® also guarantees the UV resistance and scratchproof of the products. This innovation of Bette makes the company a reliable lifetime fellow for every client which provides the guarantee of the products for 30 years.

Every step of the production process in Bette is refined and makes their products ageless. Extremely thin layers of the enamel get together with the titanium steel body. Then the products go through two firing processes at 850 degrees. That’s how the strongest connection is being built.

Peace of mind

Bette pays a lot of attention to visual peacefulness as it has the power to create a sense of peace in our minds as well. The clean and minimalistic design together with a poreless surface creates a calm atmosphere in the bathroom.


The clear and finished look is not only where the products of Bette get their perfection. The durability and longevity of the bathroom goods are ensured by resistance to temperatures, UV rays, acids, and any other threat.


The surfaces of Bette products are extremely smooth, making them super easy to clean. Thus, the process of cleaning is short and effortless.

Sustainability in Bette

Since the beginning of the company, the materials used for their bathroom products are 100% recyclable as the brand chose to use only natural materials – glass and steel. All of the material is made by Bette, in Delbrück, Germany. The company is strict about the production process and does not use any chemicals or solvents. Moreover, Bette can produce two-thirds of the electricity for their needs themselves when the weather conditions allow it.

The environmentally-friendly attitude is rewarded at Bette – the company has the Environmental Product Declaration to ISO 14025 and the U.S. Green Council to LEED.

Quality guarantee and customization options

All of the production of Bette is made by the company on their plant in Dellbrück, Germany, so the company has full control of the process and can assure the quality of the products.

All the requirements for exclusive products are met by precise craftsmanship, engineering skills, refined production process, and deep technical knowledge. Bette has its own shaping technology which is able to the most stable bathroom items.

The customers of Bette can pick their bathroom pieces out of 400 different color options, many different dimensions, and additional features. These options and the customized services let anyone make their bathroom a unique project together with Bette and the tailored solutions.

Bette pays a lot of attention to individual needs as every project may differ. Thus, the company is always open to the request of a customized washbasin or bathtub. The staff of Bette is always open to any kind of discussion and ready to help everyone to make their dreams come true.

The company has developed a quick and easy installation process that lets the finishing of the process be smooth and easy.
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Clément Houles
Clément Houles
a week ago
Got delivered tiles to south of France. Just amazed but their client service! Delivery was done exactly has discussed and was a bit faster.
Michele Fiascaris
Michele Fiascaris
7 months ago
Great experience! Marazzi tiles are fantastic and the price was very reasonable. Much lower than buying in UK. Jaunius & team were very efficient and helpful!
Deividas Petuska
Deividas Petuska
11 months ago
I ordered tiles from this company, and I must say, their delivery service wasexceptional. The tiles were delivered promptly and in perfect condition. The packaging was secure, ensuring that the tiles remained intact during transit.
Lukas Gudinauskas
Lukas Gudinauskas
11 months ago
Super fast delivery and super quality! Looks amazing in my bathroom
Vaidas Rackauskas
Vaidas Rackauskas
11 months ago
I had a fantastic experience with this company's customer service. From the moment I made my inquiry to the completion of my order, the staff was incredibly helpful and attentive.
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