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Product type
The bathroom category encompasses an extensive array of fixtures and accessories essential for maintaining personal hygiene and creating a functional and comfortable bathroom space. It comprises fixtures like toilets, sinks, showers, and storage units, each playing a vital role in facilitating daily routines. Additionally, this category extends to include bathroom essentials such as towels, bath mats, and soap dispensers, which contribute to the overall convenience and ambiance of the bathroom environment. From the foundational elements that define the layout and functionality of the space to the finer details that enhance comfort and aesthetics, the bathroom category offers a comprehensive range of products to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of individuals, ensuring a harmonious and well-equipped bathroom experience.
from 42,15 €
Brand: Falper  
Specifications: Push siphon waste for freestanding washbasin. Only cover waste
Brand: Gessi  
Specifications: Underbasin mixer with filter and 1/2" connection
from 262,81 €
Brand: Gessi  
Specifications: Polyethylene column bath waste with overflow cap filler. Length of control cable 70 cm
from 754,96 €
Collection: Memory
Brand: Agape  
Specifications: Built-in washbasin mixer tap with single gradual flow control
from 862,81 €
Collection: Memory
Brand: Agape  
Specifications: Built-in washbasin mixer tap with single gradual flow control
Collection: Micro
Brand: Antonio Lupi  
Specifications: Brass siphon for sinks and bidet, not adjustable in height, complete with pressure plug for sinks and bidet..Delivery: 8-12 weeks
Collection: Timbro
Brand: Antonio Lupi  
Specifications: Concealed valve for Art. TB601, Art. TB602 and Art. TB603..Delivery: 8-12 weeks
Collection: Fluido
Brand: Antonio Lupi  
Specifications: A sink that fits the collection, a journey undertaken for a long time by antoniolupi in search of solutions integrated into the wall that has given life to iconic and successful pieces such as Strappo, Soffio, Silenzio and Calice. Objects that live exclusively thanks to integration with the surface from which they emerge seamlessly. Fluido comes from sinuous shapes that determine a relaxing and soft aesthetic value. A series of curves that outline the volume of the column and the basin in a perfectly integrated way.The monolithic image of Fluido is determined by the width of the column which reflects the dimensions of the basin, becoming one with it. Made entirely of Flumood, the sink expresses its sculptural shape due to the integrated light. A fundamental tool for noticing the dimensions of the volumes, heights and depths. In detail, in addition to having the "classic" lighting above the sink, Fluido has an additional courtesy light that comes out from under the sink to give charm to the whole.
Collection: Borghi
Brand: Antonio Lupi  
Specifications: The Antonio Lupi Borghi Sink is a stunning round basin available in various Flumood or Colormood colors, allowing you to customize your bathroom design. Pair it seamlessly with the Borghi Pedestals (Art. BORGHI20, Art. BORGHI21, Art. BORGHI30N, Art. BORGHI30T, or Art. BORGHI30) for a harmonious and elegant ensemble. The sink comes complete with a drain pipe fitting and an open plug, combining functionality with exquisite style for a refined bathroom experience.

Elevate your bathroom into a sanctuary of luxury and function with our curated collection of bathroom products. Crafted with great precision, our products seamlessly combine aesthetics and function, creating a harmonious oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation. Explore a wide range of options, handpicked to fit your design preferences and bathroom aspirations.


Maintenance tips

Maintain the look of your bathroom with ease with these maintenance tips:

1.Regular cleaning:

Wipe down surfaces frequently to avoid accumulation of dirt. Regular cleaning keeps your bathroom looking clean.

2.Mild detergent:

Use a mild detergent with neutral pH for periodic cleaning, ensuring the original quality and beauty of the product.

3.Avoid harsh chemicals:

Do not use abrasive cleaners that may damage the surface or affect the finish of the product.

4.Faucet and fixtures maintenance:

Keep faucets and fixtures clean and dry to avoid water spots and mineral buildup.


Favorite colors for bathroom products

Choose colors that add serenity and sophistication to your bathroom:

1.Soft neutral:

Use serene neutrals like white, cream, and light gray that evoke a spa feeling.

2.Subtle blues and greens:

Infuse a sense of tranquility with subtle shades of blue and green that mimic the calming presence of water.


Main products of bathroom

Discover the essentials that enhance your bathroom experience:

1.Faucet and Fixtures:

Choose from a wide range of stylish faucets and fixtures that combine form and function with ease.

2.Sinks and Vanities:

Explore a variety of sinks and vanities that reflect your personal style while providing convenient storage solutions.

3.Showers and tubs:

Immerse yourself in luxury with a range of showers and tubs designed for comfort and relaxation.

 Embrace design innovation and lasting beauty with our exceptional products, meticulously selected from renowned brands such as Gessi, Antonio Lupi and Nobili. Immerse yourself in the inspiring potential of our collection, transforming your bathroom into a haven of luxury, relaxation and functionality.

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Usman Ahmad
Usman Ahmad
a week ago
I have exclusively worked with Lineaselect for my house renovation project. I have bought ceramic tiles and other bathroom fittings from them at a very good price. As with any house renovation project, the choice of good material makes all the difference. I started communicating with Jaunius with a simple price offer which evolved into more like continuous communication on range of different products. He was always very responsive and precise with the information and his brand knowledge is impressive. From the selection to delivery, the whole process was super smooth and transparent. I was a bit unsure about damages during the shipping, however, my order arrived without a single damaged item. Asite from Lineaselect handled the ordering and delivery process very professionally and she was always quick with updating me about the order and delivery status. They are my go to people for any future home improvement projects and I highly recommend them!
Clément Houles
Clément Houles
a month ago
Got delivered tiles to south of France. Just amazed but their client service! Delivery was done exactly has discussed and was a bit faster.
Michele Fiascaris
Michele Fiascaris
8 months ago
Great experience! Marazzi tiles are fantastic and the price was very reasonable. Much lower than buying in UK. Jaunius & team were very efficient and helpful!
Deividas Petuska
Deividas Petuska
12 months ago
I ordered tiles from this company, and I must say, their delivery service wasexceptional. The tiles were delivered promptly and in perfect condition. The packaging was secure, ensuring that the tiles remained intact during transit.
Lukas Gudinauskas
Lukas Gudinauskas
12 months ago
Super fast delivery and super quality! Looks amazing in my bathroom
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