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Payment and delivery

Payment methods


All purchases made by your credit card are covered with protection for up to 12 months in case of theft or accidental damage of your recently purchased item. In any case, for the information consult Your card's insurance terms.

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If you doubt the reliability, you can always choose transfers through the Paypal system, which guarantees a secure transaction. PayPal Purchase Protection is valid for up until 6 months. Paypal will reimburse the full purchase price plus the original shipping cost.

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We also offer standard bank transfers. You will get an invoice with all our company details, Your order summary, and can make the transfer from Your bank account directly. 

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We guarantee safe and quickest possible delivery from 2 to 4 weeks. We always strive to deliver orders as quickly as possible, but deliveries may sometimes take longer due to high volume of orders or availability of delivery service providers.
After ordering, we will contact the manufacturer to see if the materials are available in stock and what the expected production time is. Within 1-2 working days, we will inform you about the expected shipping times or we will communicate the new ones via email. You can accept it or request a refund of the total amount paid.
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All orders will be unloaded on the road, as close as possible to your home.
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We will promptly replace damaged or inferior materials at our expense. While we make every effort to minimize this inconvenience, we cannot avoid it completely. If the order arrives damahed, please contact your customer service specialist. We would be grateful if you could send us photos of the delivered material. In any case, we will replace the damaged items as soon as possible or refund the cost (at your choice). Please note that all delivery complaints must be made at the same time as your order is delivered.