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Pelle Frau leather

Pelle Frau leather

Poltrona Frau leather
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Italian design furniture brand Poltrona Frau has unparalleled features, that combines the best materials to the maximum attention for the manufacturing process. Its products are made from materials provided by nature and tradition, including wood, metal, and the exclusive Frau leather (Pelle Frau).  Manufacturer goal is to reproduce the softness and the pleasant feeling of these materials and adjusting them to different style needs.
Pelle Frau leather is the main material of Poltrona Frau leather. Today, there is a department that works for the three Company divisions: the Pelle Frau Research and Development Center.
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Poltrona Frau leather Pelle Frau:
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Pelle Frau Cavallino.
The mottling of Pelle Frau Cavallino 
is available in five different color variants,
four monochromatic and one spotted.
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Pelle Frau Nest.
Rich, strong, solid, yet incredibly soft
and silky to the touch, Pelle Frau Nest
is the result of careful processing.
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Pelle Frau Heritage.
Pelle Frau Heritage is available
in six warm colors that evoke the roots
of the Poltrona Frau tradition. Collection
expresses softness, it is a living material.
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Saddle Executive.
Poltrona Frau has realised a specific
research and performed scrupulous
tests before arriving at the definition
of Saddle Executive leather.
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Pelle Frau Velvety.
A leather with a sensual softness that evokes
the tactile sensations of velvet. Pelle Frau
Velvety leather is the first nubuck made by
Poltrona Frau, obtained with an accurate and
delicate process of sanding the grain.
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PELLE FRAU SC | ColorSphere.
Colorsphere is the new Poltrona Frau
colour system. A design map created
with the consultancy of Giulio Ridolfo,
world renowned colourist and textile designer.
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Pelle Frau Safari.
Strong and full-bodied and at the same
time with marked softness, Pelle Frau
Safari was created to upholster
Archibald Gran Comfort, designing very
wide folds and curves.
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Pelle Frau Soul.
Pelle Frau Soul evokes the same emotions
of the homonymous musical genre. It is
a full-grain leather, dyed with aniline and
oils, without surface finishing, it represents
the very essence of the material.
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Pelle Frau Saddle is the collection that best
represents the perfect balance of elasticity,
tactility, thickness and rigidity.
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Saddle Extra.
Pelle Frau Saddle Extra means dimensional
stability and quality. Its touch, silky and
pleasant, gives particular warmth to the
structures on which it is applied.
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