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The furniture category encompasses a wide range of objects designed for sitting, resting, storing, and decorating living spaces. It includes items such as chairs, sofas, tables, beds, cabinets, and shelves, each carefully crafted with various materials, styles, and functions to offer comfort, organization, and aesthetic appeal in homes, offices, and diverse environments. Chairs, sofas, and tables provide functional comfort, while beds offer a restful retreat. Cabinets and shelves blend practicality with style. Materials span from traditional wood to modern innovations like metal and glass. Furniture styles, from classic to contemporary, reflect cultural influences. In essence, furniture not only serves functional needs but also shapes the ambiance and character of spaces, allowing self-expression and personalization.
Collection: Antonio Citterio
Brand: B&B Italia  
Specifications: Noonu is an atoll, a corner of pure relaxation amidst the colours of the Maldives. Noonu is also the name of the new sofa system that Antonio Citterio has designed for B&B Italia: a brand-new project created to continue and complete the journey started in 2018 with B&B Atoll. The Noonu collection works in harmony with B&B Italia’s previous collections to form a fully-fledged archipelago of options, where the unique character that distinguishes each individual element does its part in telling a cohesive story. “The theme of islands started back in the mid-‘80s,” says architect Antonio Citterio, “when we invented a selection of new types with the Sity line. We started referring to sofas with ‘peninsulas’ and ‘islands’, but that sort of terminology was, at the time, somewhat unusual. Nowadays, they’re part of our everyday vocabulary”. Today, that pioneering intuition has been transformed into an organic vision in which Noonu is offering itself as a port, a starting point from which to cast off and explore new territory. Noonu is a system of upholstery in which large sizes meet impressive flexibility. The supporting structure disappears from view, creating “islands” which appear to almost float, suspended in mid-air. The seats themselves are deep, with a single, large seat cushion that guarantees extreme comfort, inviting and relaxing whilst also characterising the overall aesthetic. The tilted back is designed to accommodate cushions, which can be distributed however you wish. The design is made even more intriguing by a support element that can be arranged in any manner of positions: a roller cushion bound by sophisticated webbing to a die-cast aluminium frame, which sits beneath the seat cushion. This allows you to use it freely as a terminal armrest element or as a headrest, to read or to work, placed between the seats or removed entirely, depending on how the sofa is being used. As Antonio Citterio tells us, the story of Noonu is rooted in a journey that started a few years ago: “Atoll and Noonu stemmed from a single idea, namely a cylinder that could be used as an armrest and cushions distributed freely over the sofa. What’s new in Noonu is the apparently suspended seating, which extends all the way to the floor, and the new types of elements that we have defined as “piano” and “sail” elements, lending a certain identity and richness to the design”. Noonu is comprised of four basic elements, namely a square and a rectangle, in addition to the brand-new “piano” and “sail” elements. The piano-shaped base creates a welcoming curve in the backrest, whilst the sail provides a generous, rounded volume at the front. Antonio Citterio has designed them to be “natural chaises longues”, bold evolutions of the peninsula module, new organic forms conceived with total relaxation in mind, just like the special pockets of nature that Noonu is named after. Each component in the Noonu collection has, at its base, a metal profile made from curved, pre-shaped aluminium, a strip that runs along the entire perimeter of the frame, defining it, which comes in a selection of different finishes. The same finishes are also available for the supports for the roller elements. Noonu is set to be introduced in a new fabric with 12 colour variants: solid colours and mélanges of neutral hues, but also sophisticated shades of blue, green, red and orange. These are bold yet extremely homely tones, designed especially to suit combinations between the various elements of each individual composition (frame, cushions, rollers), thus allowing for a custom solution of an unrivalled elegance. In addition to this fabric, Noonu will also be available in leather. According to Antonio Citterio, “Noonu is a fully-fledged domestic island”. And this island will draw on the straight and curved lines of its four basic components to establish a dialogue with the walls, but also to take centre stage in the room and create spectacular and dynamic islands. The elements of Noonu can also stand on their own as individual objects, be combined to create personalised compositions, or be selected to form a dialectical relationship with other elements from B&B Italia’s collections, such as B&B Atoll seats and ottomans, Mirto accessories, and Diesis and Pianura tables. “From Atoll to Noonu,” concludes Antonio Citterio, “what we have is a path that has developed over several years and that now, finally, we can present as a single project, a fully-fledged archipelago”.
Collection: Mario Bellini
Brand: B&B Italia  
Specifications: In its new version, Camaleonda preserves the elements that have made it an iconic piece of furniture. Certain elements remain faithful to the original project, such as the 90x90 cm seat module, the backrest and armrest, and the characteristic capitonné design, still manufactured with the innovative system of cables, hooks and rings created by Bellini in 1970, which defines its characteristic look and modularity. Internally, instead, it has been completely redesigned to make Camaleonda even more comfortable than the original, as well as sustainable. The internal structure is now built like a sandwich, with easily disassembled layers of recycled or recyclable materials. The core of the seats, backs and armrests is made up of wooden panels; the padding is made of polyurethane in various levels of density and firmness, with different shaped layers interacting to create a comfortable spring-like effect. This engineering feature makes Camaleonda extraordinarily comfortable and allows the interior of the sofa to be disassembled, making it easy to recycle. The fundamental characteristic of Camaleonda is its unlimited modularity, a geometric nature that allows each element to become a sort of enormous pixel through which to define your home environment. Thanks to the tie-rods and rings, the modules can be unhooked and recombined at will, allowing the sofa to adapt to an evolving taste and to the dynamic needs of those using it, while always maintaining its unique identity. Camaleonda can be upholstered with the entire textile and leather range of B&B Italia, allowing for another variable in the multitude of possible combinations.
Collection: Yabu Pushelberg
Brand: B&B Italia  
Specifications: A visual dialogue between structure and shapes, the Naviglio seating collection is made up of curved, linear and terminal elements, chaise longues, and ottomans. Synthesis is the project’s essence and starts from its name. The seating base is a riverbed that defines the space to accommodate a backrest/armrest which is as sinuous as a watercourse. As a piece of a puzzle, each shape is ergonomically designed into a single cohesive unit. The backrest section and the seating reveal a delicate balance between polygons and curved shapes, where geometry becomes softness and rigour blends with comfort. The different elements’ upholstery is made of flexible polyurethane, to welcome and correctly support the body. The choice was dictated by the object’s nature – a sofa without seat cushions. The covers are available in a wide range of fabrics and shades. The backrest back features a continuous decorative insert, providing a linear element that further emphasizes the shape’s continuity.
Collection: Patricia Urquiola
Brand: B&B Italia  
Specifications: Warm and comfortable, Husk-Sofa is born from the overturning of the traditional construction process of a sofa: it is in fact its soft and flexible parts that have structural qualities. It has a deep seat and comes in two sizes. Its important volume is made lighter by the supports available in different finishes, while the loose down cushions increase its comfort. Refined and informal at the same time, Husk-Sofa revisits the tradition of Chesterfield sofas and addresses the theme of capitonné quilting in a contemporary version.
Collection: Antonio Citterio
Brand: B&B Italia  
Specifications: Classic yet contemporary, with its apparent formal simplicity, the Harry sofa comes in three sizes, and is available as a two-seater and three-seater. Its principal feature, which is comfort, issues from relations between the inclination of the back and seat, while its unmistakable distinctive trait lies in its aluminium feet. A small detail that endows a rather traditional product with a genuine touch of modernity and lightness, making it a truly timeless sofa. Harry is named after Harry Bertoia, one of the great masters of design.
Collection: Afra & Tobia Scarpa
Brand: B&B Italia  
Specifications: The evergreen Coronado sofa is the quintessential symbol of relaxation. It comfort is guaranteed by a suspension system made from harmonic steel bands inserted into the structure of the back. The product’s aesthetics, conceived as a trait-d’union between period furniture and the growing desire for modernity, has decreed its success over time. Its revolutionary personality in terms of design and of materials offers a prime example of B&B Italia’s industrial culture. First launched in 1966, Coronado emerged from the idea of matching an iron frame with the revolutionary technology of cold moulded polyurethane foam, which B&B Italia had introduced to the furnishing sector. In addition to the intrinsic innovations that Coronado presented in terms of design, materials and technologies, the design also optimised production times, while also reflecting the company’s international calling. Besides the sofa, the collection also includes an armchair.
Collection: Antonio Citterio
Brand: B&B Italia  
Specifications: The Charles Large modular sofa is an exceptionally comfortable seat with a fabric or leather cover. Airy and light in shape, it develops the idea of the sofa as a welcoming shelter where you can also lie down. The project reinterprets and enriches the Charles system, a long-standing best seller of B&B Italia, with a version with a wider depth. The project’s striking features remain the essential design of the die-cast aluminium feet in the shape of an inverted “L”, the single seat cushion, and the free back cushions.
Collection: Gaetano Pesce
Brand: B&B Italia  
Specifications: Designed in 1969, right from the onset the Up series – of which Serie Up 2000 is an evolution – has been one of the most outstanding expressions of design with its expressive shapes upholstered with elastic fabric. This innovative solution, designed as a fragment of contemporary art to be offered to a wide audience, stems from B&B Italia’s extensive technological know-how in terms of polyurethane injection moulding. The series consists of seven pieces, including the sofa upholstered in a variety of colours.
Collection: Jasper Morrison
Brand: B&B Italia  
Specifications: Bankside by Jasper Morrison is a micro edition of seats for the community, originally conceived for the prestigious Tate Gallery of Modern Art in London. The collection summarises functional features associated with public use, but their slender profile and high resistance to wear perfectly meet also the demands of domestic settings.

Enhance your interior design with our curated furniture collection, designed to transform your living space into a haven of style and comfort. Explore a wide range of options, handpicked to match your design preferences and enhance your living experience.


Tips for taking care of clean furniture

Maintain the beauty of your furniture easily with these care tips:

1.Regular Dusting:

Regularly dust the surface with a soft cloth to avoid dust accumulation.

2.Gentle Cleaning:

Use a damp cloth with mild soap to clean the surface, avoiding harsh chemicals.

3.Prevent Scratches:

Place coasters or felt pads under items to avoid scratching the surface of the furniture.


Preferred colors for modern interiors

Choose colors that enhance the aesthetics of your living space and promote a contemporary vibe:


Use neutrals like white, gray, and beige to create a versatile backdrop for modern interiors.

2.Bold Accents:

Add splashes of color with bold accents like dark blue, dark blue, or warm red for visual interest.


Must-have furniture for the living room

Design your living room with essentials that are both stylish and functional:


A comfortable and stylish sofa is the centerpiece of your living room.

2.Coffee table:

A coffee table provides a functional surface to collect and display decor.

3.Bookshelves or Display Units:

These provide storage and the opportunity to express your personality through decorative items.


Enhance your interior design journey with a combination of style and function by exploring our curated furniture collection. Embrace innovation in design and enduring quality with our exceptional products, meticulously selected from renowned brands such as Bonaldo, Poliform and Molteni&C. Immerse yourself in the inspiring potential of our collection, transforming your home into a realm of functional beauty and sophistication.

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