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Buying a new sink for the bathroom: types and materials

Buying a new sink for the bathroom: types and materials

The sink that is chosen in the bathroom design is going to influence how well the project turns out.

The boundaries of choice for your bathroom's outfitting, and consequently the selection of the sink, include the available space, the bathroom's design, your particular preferences and the style you wish to keep to.

Sinks can be classified in 4 types:

  • Wall-hung sinks;
  • Countertop sinks;
  • Built-in sinks;
  • Free standing sinks.

Wall-hung (or suspended) sink

The suspended sink, which is fixed to the wall with a bracket or plug, offers the sink area a straight, uncluttered appearance. Although this sort of sink requires the addition of shelves, it allows the buyer the option to build the furniture upward, freeing up the lowest portion. The major issue of buyers is that of exposed pipes: no need for alarm! In order to conceal every apparent tube, manufacturing organizations have developed the widest range of forms, utilizing it even at the design level.

cms plugin media image Agape Cube wall-hung sink

Countertop sink

Since it is readily put on a shelf or piece of cabinet, the countertop sink is very easy to install. Its potential for "support" enables businesses to develop a wide range of shapes that meet all space and design requirements. Given the countless color and material choices that can be matched to the sink, this argument can also be applied to the base of the countertop sink (but also to the cabinet), which becomes a design feature. Countertop sinks are the most requested and trendy sinks.

cms plugin media image Antonio Lupi Stratos countertop sink

Built-in sink

The built-in sink is, as its name suggests, an insertion that is very similar to the countertop washbasin. In order to create symmetry with the top, the sink is totally integrated into it or the piece of furniture.There are two different types of sinks: ontop and undertop.The difference is in how close to the top the sink is situated.The ontop sink has a raised edge in comparison to the top, whereas the undertop sink is entirely merged into the top.

cms plugin media imageAntonio Lupi Calice built-in sink

Freestanding sink

The monobloc or free-standing sink is a revolutionary addition brought on by contemporary design. They can be positioned close to floor water inlets, which is particularly helpful to those looking to design a bathroom and are frequently needed to "fill" the voids in huge bathrooms. This sink can be used in any direction, but watch out for the taps—typically, this style of sink requires a tap that begins from the floor or the ceiling and can result in a significant price increase!

cms plugin media image Agape Bjhon 1 Outdoor freestanding sink


When choosing a sink, it is also important to pay attention to the materials. We can offer 3 types of sink materials:

  • Ceramic
  • Stone/Marble
  • Synthetic materials


The most common material used to create sinks is unquestionably ceramic. This is because to its excellent shock and aggressive degreaser resistance, longevity, and high affordability (in comparison to stone, marble, and glass).Ceramics are perfect except for the fact that they are rigid and hence cannot be altered.

cms plugin media image Catalano Velis ceramic sink


The most durable sinks available are made of stone or marble. Due to their flexibility, these two prominent materials have the ability to offer a bathroom a rich look. However, pay attention to the weight!

cms plugin media image Falper Eccentrico marble washbasin

Synthetic materials

Some of the synthetic materials that can be used to make the sink include Tecnoril and Corian. They were developed in a lab and feature above-average impact and wear resistance. Pay attention to the pricing, but keep in mind that it is highly expensive to produce these materials.

cms plugin media image Antonio Lupi Soffio corian sink

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