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Exploring the Luxury Brands - Gessi, Antonio Lupi, Devon&Devon

Within the field of interior design, bathrooms frequently function as safe zones, spaces for rest and renewal. Aesthetic excellence and well-functioning fixtures are both necessary to elevate this experience. Three brands stand out in the quest of luxury: Devon&Devon, Antonio Lupi, and Gessi. Let's explore what makes these companies unique and look at some of their top-selling items.


 Gessi, which is well-known for its modern designs and dedication to sustainability, is an example of Italian workmanship. Gessi products reinvent the bathroom experience by blending technology and elegance.
The Gessi Cono Faucet Collection is among Gessi's best-selling items. The Cono faucet is the very height of modern luxury with its clean lines and understated design. This faucet perfectly blends style and functionality thanks to its superior water-saving technology and use of eco-friendly materials

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Gessi Cono collection


Infusing timeless charm into modern living spaces, Devon&Devon draws inspiration from the elegance of European design traditions. The brand's collections, which emphasize elegance and sophistication, embrace modern sensibilities while evoking sentiments of nostalgia.
The Devon&Devon Admiral and Celine Bathtubs are two of its most notable products. The Admiral bathtub exudes antique glitz with its exquisite workmanship and traditional foot shape. Made from high-quality materials like cast iron or acrylic, it becomes a focal point in any bathroom and offers long-term use as well as visual appeal.

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Devon&Devon Admiral bathtub

The Celine bathtub, on the other hand, shows minimalist elegance with its sleek lines and futuristic form. The Celine bathtub, which blends easily into modern bathroom designs, offers a sleek and elegant bathing experience. It is made from quality materials like marble or composite resin.

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Devon&Devon Celine bathtub

Antonio Lupi:

With a history spanning more than 50 years, Antonio Lupi is widely recognized for its cutting-edge designs and flawless production. Antonio Lupi is a company that specializes in bathroom furniture, accessories, and fixtures. Their goods are renowned for their classic style and fine craftsmanship. Antonio Lupi Senso Sink is one of the items in high demand.

The Senso sink radiates modernism and elegance with its flowing lines and simple design. It is the ideal option for modern bathrooms since it blends aesthetic appeal and utility, and it is made from high-quality materials like Corian or stainless steel.

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Antonio Lupi Senso sink

The Baia Bathtub is another one of Antonio Lupi's outstanding creations. This amazing standalone tub captivates with its natural aesthetic and sumptuous atmosphere. The Baia bathtub, which is made of high-quality materials like marble or travertine, is a monument to exquisite craftsmanship and turns any bathroom into a place of style and luxury.

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Antonio Lupi Baia bathtub

These brands, which include Devon&Devon for their timeless elegance, Antonio Lupi for his avant-garde inventions, and Gessi for their eco-conscious designs, have something to offer every homeowner looking to upgrade their bathroom experience. They continue to be the industry leader in elegance and sophistication in interior design thanks to their best-selling goods.

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