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Atlas Concorde Large-Format Tiles for the Home: Benefits and Tips

Atlas Concorde Large-Format Tiles for the Home: Benefits and Tips

In the dynamic world of interior design, the trend of large-format porcelain tiles has emerged as a versatile solution catering to a variety of applications, from walls and floors to kitchen counters and outdoor spaces. Atlas Concorde, a prominent player in the industry, introduces large-format tiles that seamlessly marry architecture and interior design, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical advantages.

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Key Qualities of Atlas Concorde Large-Format Porcelain Tiles:

Aesthetic and Graphic Impact:

  • Large-format slabs make a bold statement with their immense aesthetic and graphic impact on both floors and walls.
  • Regardless of the chosen effect or pattern, these tiles ensure a uniform rendering of look and texture, creating a visually continuous surface.
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Diverse Effects and Finishes:

  • Large formats offer a plethora of effects and finishes inspired by various themes, catering to a broad spectrum of needs and preferences.
  • From marble-inspired elegance to stone-effect sophistication and concrete-like simplicity, the options are both varied and stylish.
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Technical and Functional Benefits:

  • Porcelain tiles, renowned for their health benefits, are hypoallergenic and free of toxic organic substances.
  • The compact and virtually pore-free surface guarantees resistance against mites, bacteria, fungi, and molds.
  • Impervious to liquids, these tiles are easy to maintain and suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.
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XL-Size Tiles for the Home:

Trendy Solutions:

  • Large-format porcelain tiles have become trendy solutions for residential kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces.
  • This solution seamlessly blends the style of contemporary design with the practicality of high performance.
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Visual Continuity:

  • The graphics of these tiles contribute to their strength, ensuring visual continuity in even the largest, most spacious, and brightest spaces.
  • Versatility allows them to transcend the boundaries between architecture and interior design, serving as kitchen counters, table tops, and more.
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Practical Aspects:

  • Large slabs reduce the number of joints, providing greater visual continuity on both floors and walls.
  • Ceramic material ensures hygiene, durability, environmental sustainability, and easy cleaning.
  • Minimum thicknesses facilitate installation, making the products more manageable due to their lighter weight.
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Examples from Atlas Concorde's Collections:

Marvel Shine - Large Marble-Look Slabs in the Bathroom:

  • Inspired by the white marble of Italian artistic tradition, Marvel Shine collection offers a unique look of purity, tone, and brightness.
  • The realistic marble effect creates a bathroom ambiance of simplicity, finesse, and elegance.

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Boost Stone - Large Stone-Effect Slabs for Kitchen Countertops:

  • Drawing inspiration from the limestone of the French Pyrenees, Boost Stone complements various design needs in both commercial and residential settings.
  • The neutral palette and meticulous reproduction of natural effects make it ideal for kitchen countertops, exuding a unique, decisive personality.

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Boost Pro - Large Concrete-Effect Slabs for the Outdoors:

  • An extension of the Boost collection, Boost Pro introduces warm shades and a concrete effect.
  • Large-format tiles for outdoor floors, especially with a Grip finish and 20 mm thickness, allow for coordinated projects with a consistent indoor-outdoor look.
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