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The best taps for your bathroom

Taps for bathroom

A key component to consider when selecting bathroom furnishings is the tap. Sink taps are particularly significant in the bathroom since they have an impact on the design of the space based on the installation type (wall mounted or freestanding), the model and finish. Details like color, form, material, and the placement affect how the remainder of the furniture should be selected.

Look at 4 different brands that you can find in our store.


Gessi has the advantage of having transformed the conventional perception of faucets in a unique way, anticipating and inspiring a reinterpretation in the bathroom’s perception: from a functional space to a living and furnishing environment, and customizing in every aspect.

One of their collections, Rettangolo, is well-designed, easily identifiable, and yet functional. It possesses the evocative and communicative force of timeless designs. In Rettangolo, one may discern a purpose, an identity, and a personality.

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The brand-new Limòn taps from Agape have modern geometries. The encounter and union with its own circular segment, like in the practice of agricultural grafting, changes the seemingly simple geometries of Limòn into something very different. A brand-new style of tap that reveals its design and purpose with an uncommon level of candor and clarity. In this instance, the bathroom’s distinctive personality comes from the wall-mounted, dual-control mixer with a matte black finish.

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The best type of faucet might be freestanding or (of floor-mounted) for a more elaborate design. The mixer’s body, which rises from the floor and forms a singular component of outstanding technological expression, combines the lever’s sophisticated elegance with it. The tapering body’s meticulous construction is perfectly etched in its 30 mm diameter. A collection that keeps fusing the idea of tradition with the durability of the materials and construction method.

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In the bathroom, a wall-mounted tap adds style, comfort, and simplicity of lines and shapes. If you choose this type of taps, you will be able to see what you choose to enhance because the rest is concealed by the wall and implanted there. Because it is a polished and subtle recreation of the traditional tap played on the proportions, the Icona Classic is ageless for this reason. Offered in a range of variations, ranging from Chrome to Nickel PVD, as well as additional finishes, ranging from the most contemporary, industrial to the ones that are more tangible and tactile.

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